Midwest Madlibs.

What I Read: JUNE 

Spook by Mary Roach; I loved it!!! Totally adore her writing and her witty style. It left a little to be desired but wrapped up nicely! 

Child of God by Cormac Mccarthy; I had forgotten that I had already read this some time ago, still as depraved an awkward as always. Still love his style though.

Vulture Peak by John Burdett; I feel like I’m gushing a lot today but I can’t help it, I adore the Bangkok series and have a mad crush on Sonchai. Is that weird? 

Stiff by Mary Roach; this seemed to reiterate some of the things and Spook and for off topic for a few chapters, disrupting my interest but it was her first book so ill forgive it hahaha. 

It’s Fine By Me by Per Petterson; all of his books seem to overlap which I  like quite a bit. I very much enjoy his storyline which amount to not much more than daily events but ugh his prose would make a shopping list a best seller.

I have some great things lined up for next month and some thrifting posts to get to!! 

Keep Reading!!!

The 1950s nuclear family.

Interesting to note both the lack of a wedding ring and the ill fitting suit.

Click here to get these awesome high waisted sugar skull swimsuit bottoms. 
I just went in to look…. 

And as usual came out with half a dozen items. 
Of course of the billion things I tried on only these two shorts fit. 

1. St. John’s bay short shorts - $3.99 my hunny talked me into these. 
2. Joe Boxer boat shoes - $5.99 these are going to be perfect for mowing the lawn and errands 
3. Sterilite pitcher - $.99 I swear you can never have too many. 

Happy Hunting!!
What I Read; May!! 
I did we’ll this month!! 

1. Skin Deep: short and sweet, loved it, the author is a lot like me and I related to her quite a bit. Definitely a just for fun read! 

2. The autobiography Of Joseph Stalin: historical and amusing, it tended to drag but it mixed history and humor quite well. 

3. Paint it black: awesome and powerful, I loved this almost as much,if not more, than white oleander. I wish she had more books.

4. Bonk: informative and hilarious. Seems like every blogger reads Mary’s books and I can see why. I learned so much but it was far from dry. So funny. I went to thriftbooks.com and bought all of them. 

5. Being Martha: this just mad me happy, I love Martha despite rumors and naysayers. It seemed a bit biased but still so unreliable.
Totally obsessed with this mug!
They wanted at least $10 for this good seasons cruet on etsy and amazon. Got it for .75c at goodwill. BOOM.